Why should the Muslims have any rights in the USA?

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Why should the Muslims have any rights in the USA?

We ARE in a struggle against the Muslims; for the very survival of the freedoms we have enjoyed in the past and the few that we have left in the wake of the Secular-Progressive-Socialist movement.

Would we have given Hitler or Stalin free rein to establish training facilities in the USA and let them go into the prisons, on the street, and into the schools to recruit followers and then train them in their facilities? Not likely.

The news the past few days talks about 100 mosques in New York City. Why have we allowed even one mosque to be built in the country? Under the politically correct progressives, anything can be considered a religion. I postulate that Islam is more of a political/militant/socio movement than it is a religious movement.

The Judeo/Christian religions developed over several centuries, involving many people through the influence of God. The Bible is the same as it always has been. There may be individuals who have their own interpretations, but those interpretations have not resulted in revisions to the Bible.

The original Quaran was written by one man over a period of a few years, supposedly with the angel Gabriel dictating to Mohammed. Since then, Muslim men (with no claim of Divine influence) have written “Abrogations” that are their ‘interpretations’ of the Quaran. The “Abrogations” change and supersede the earlier writings of the Quaran. So, over the last 1,400 years the Quaran has changed so much it is significantly different from the original writing.

If a Muslim quotes the original Quaran and says Islam is a tolerant, peaceful, loving religion, ask him what the “Abrogations” say. LOVE is never mentioned in the Quaran.


Everything the Muslim Political / pseudo-religious movement stands for is in direct opposition to what the United States of America means to people around the world.

The Muslim movement is based on the Quaran and all the abrogations that have been implemented since Mohammed wrote the original Quaran. The abrogations were written by evil men in pursuit of power to control every aspect of every day of people’s lives. Sharia law also facilitates control of every aspect of a person’s economic and financial life.

Islam calls for the killing of non-Muslims; execution of gays as an abomination, confiscation of all of a person’s property if he fails to pay his bills; it puts women in a second class position subject to the whims of the husband and approves of striking women if they disagree with a man. Women who commit adultery are stoned to death. Women and children are mutilated under Sharia law.

We – whether you are a Christian or non-Christian; conservative or liberal, Democrat or Republican – are at war with Muslims just as the Russians were at war against the Nazis in WW2 for the very survival of the country and the Russians’ way of life (as bad as it was for the citizens prior to and during WW2. The Russians sacrificed some 20 million people to stop the spread of Nazism to their country.

No matter what a Muslim says about co-existing or being sensitive to the feelings of Americans, the Muslims have one goal – to rule the world under Sharia law.

Muslims are taught to lie, deceive, and use any tactic with non-Muslims to ultimately further the goals of Islam.

President Obama well knows the Muslim credo and the goals of Islam. He spent several of his younger years being trained in Muslim schools in Indonesia when his mother was married to a Muslim.

Anyone who believes Islam is a Peaceful, Loving; Religious movement should study the facts in the Quaran and pull their head out of the sand.

Do you want your grandchildren and great grandchildren to grow up in the Muslim religion and under Sharia law?

Think it can’t happen in the good ole’ USA? It is already happening. Look at Western Europe – particularly the UK and France. The British already allow the practice of Sharia law and many of the banking institutions operate under some form of Sharia law. The Muslim population in France is so large the Muslims will have majority voting power in France within 20 years.

In the USA “we” make more concessions to the Muslim religion than “we” protect the rights/freedoms of Christians. I saw that a High School football team is practicing from 1:00 AM to 4:00 AM to accommodate the Muslim team members during Ramadan because they can’t eat or drink anything in the traditional practice times. If a similar accommodation were made for Christians or Jews, the Federal Government and the A.C.L.U. would immediately have the school in court.

It is important that ALL Americans start to learn about Islam and what the Muslims are taught and believe.

Three DVDs to watch:

“The Story of Islam”
“Islam: What the West Needs to Know”
“Inside Islam”

I got them from Netflix. Get educated. Write your Congressmen. Write the President.

Islam should be declared a non-religion in the U.S.A. because it is diametrically opposed to the American beliefs and the American way of life.

If the country cannot be brought back to governance according to the Constitution and we become a Socialist country, I guess it will be an easy move from Socialism to having to follow Sharia law. As in Western Europe, the more influence the Muslims gain in the U.S.A., the further along we will be to the complete shredding of the Constitution and replacing our Rule of Law with Sharia law.

Is Political Correctness going to destroy the U.S.A.? I certainly hope not.

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