Given a choice between Christianity and Islam

Hi John.

Throughout history, Christians have done many intolerably cruel things in the name of God, as have Muslims. Killing in the name of God is not a concept I think makes a whole lot of sense, no matter what the religion. I stated some facts in a comment reply and those facts stand. I don’t necessarily agree with many things that take place in any of the organized religions. Here is what I said in the earlier comment:

“Of course not. There is nothing wrong with being a Muslim, if that’s what your soul chooses to do, knowing full well the complete implications of that decision. Especially if you live in an Islamic country. But our nation was not founded on Islam. And it won’t be converted by force or politics.”

Here’s just one example: I’m a gay woman, was born that way, and have experienced first hand the hatred and bigotry toward gays that 80% of Christians still exhibit today.

I’m quite sure there are still pockets right here in the USA where supposed Christians would have me jailed, stoned, or otherwise physically harmed just for that fact alone. So why do I continue to defend a religion that hates me, just the way I was born? Here’s why:

My soul knows something. And the something that I know, I am going to stand behind. Given a choice between Christianity and Islam, I would choose Christianity repeatedly. Islam will eventually become the religion of the minions of the Antichrist, and if you don’t believe me that’s fine. But I know what I know.

The man who will rise up and appear on the world stage as the final Son of Perdition will whip young Muslims into such a frenzy of hate against the west they will feel beyond all shadow of a doubt that it is their religious and moral duty to wage Jihad against us. This will happen and the seeds of it are everywhere already.

I don’t know why or how it can be true that prophecy after prophecy from the Bible either already has come true, or is being fulfilled before our eyes, but that is what is happening.

For over 30 years I did not identify as a Christian but followed and investigated new age teachings instead. Were you aware of this? The atheistic emptiness, ET worship, the bizarre “Ascended Master” mythology that I found in the new age movement after being part of it for 30 years, finally fell flat and I knew that it time to exit the hall of smoke and mirrors.

What strengthened my relationship with Jesus Christ was the fact that during all that time I continued reading and studying.

That’s what kept me in one piece during my journey. John there are so many things wrong with every organized religion, as I see it, love is the only thing that can save this world.

But the religion of Islam is not the way for me. You will recall what I said in my comment. I said that it’s perfectly ok to choose to be a Muslim if one is fully aware of the consequences of that choice.

I personally do not believe that Islam is a religion that reflects the apex of God’s love any more than I think it was right that Christian men in the 1800s gave small pox  to the native Americans laced into the blankets they gave them. I could go on and on. I know all about the many heinous things down through the ages which have been done in the name of God, using religion as a pretext.

Sadly, that story is not over yet. Islamic radicals feel it is their religious duty to kill westerners. That has nothing to do with loving God or trying to do His Will. That is about using religious pretext as a reason to hate.

If you are a Muslim you most likely will not want to continue reading this blog, as it is definitely Christian in tone, but not the kind of “Christian” you are used to hearing and reading. Once you have read the Book of Revelation everything changes. You realize how old and horrible the story of this world really is.

I’m sorry John, but I have no respect for the religion of Islam. I see it as a fraud on a grand scale. The founder of Islam himself was a pedophile, forcing a nine year girl to be his wife. That’s the height of gender suppression and animalism. Feel free to leave at any time.

I’m not going to stop publishing what I feel is right. I have no interest in living under global Sharia Law, and would gladly die first. That’s what this is all coming to. Wake up and see the future. Read the Book of Revelations and let your eyes be opened.

And if that offends you, feel free to move on. God bless and keep you on your journey to find the truth.

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