Creeping Sharia

Was this really bullying or is there a fear of ‘honor’ beatings and killings? via Dearborn students suspended for bully letters

DEARBORN, Mich. – A group of Dearborn students have been suspended from school while they are accused of using lewd letters as a form of bullying.

The students wrote the crude letters about certain classmates and then delivered the letters to those students’ homes.

In the letters, four boys wrote to the parents of young girls saying their daughters were engaging in sexual activities. That is something especially forbidden in the Arab and Muslim community.

Presumably this means the letters were sent to Arab and Muslim families.

“They were comments that attacked the character, reputation, and the morals of the individuals named in the letters,” said district spokesperson David Mustonen.

The incident started with students at Fordson High School, and then a similar letter showed up at the home…

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