Creeping Sharia

9/11 was just the beginning. As reported a few weeks ago, the Muslim population has doubled since Muslims waged jihad on U.S. soil killing 3,000+ Americans.

While we are constantly bombarded with propaganda from an Islamophilic media including false allegations of Islamophobia, backlashes and how blocking sharia law will prevent Muslims from practicing any religious aspects of Islam (are there any?) – truth is, America is Islamizing at a pretty rapid clip. via Muslim Funerals And Cemeteries Increase As Muslim Community Grows.

As the Muslim population of the U.S. has grown — the number of mosques grew 74 percent in the last 10 years, according to a 2011 survey — so has the need for Muslim-specific services like funeral homes and cemeteries.

Most of the work of preparing a Muslim body for burial is traditionally done by the family. The body is washed in a prescribed way, then…

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