When will you wake up to this attempted destruction of USA

Creeping Sharia

Elsewhere in Florida. via Dr. Rich Show: CAIR, creeping Shari’ah, and Hillsborough County School Board enablers.

For nearly six months, parents and concerned citizens have been speaking out about their opposition to allowing representatives from the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) speak to our high school children in Hillsborough County Schools. The school board continues to ignore parent’s concerns as time after time they have requested a policy be instituted to vet the credentials of speakers being allowed to address students in the classroom.
The continued insolence and arrogance of the Hillsborough County School Board is truly astonishing. They have continued to ignore the concerns of their constituents on this issue, usurping parental rights with their haughty, “we know better than you” attitude.
At a recent school board meeting, a handful of citizens took the time, once again, to voice their concerns and asking, once again, to put a…

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