Creeping Sharia

Update: Poorly titled in haste. It should be more aptly titled: “The movie trailer Muslims are using as an excuse to kill and riot around the world”

It’s 9/11 and Muslims are killing in the name of Allah once again. According to the NY Times, this is the latest excuse for Muslims to riot, loot and kill.

The video has been on Youtube since July and the Arabic version has been up for a week (will Youtube submit to sharia?). As Robert Mackey of the Times notes in his updates on the unfolding events, the Arab media is fanning the flames of jihad. Including more Muslim praise for bin Laden on 9/11:

Mostafa Hussein, a psychiatrist and blogger, pointed to a photograph that showed that the protesters had also scrawled the name Osama bin Laden on a sign outside the embassy.

Ben Laden written on US embassy sign. Yeah…

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