Below is a letter I received from a friend a few days after the election in November. I read the letter and could totally agree with the writer but thought that there was no point in reiterating the same old stuff, until now. What changed my mind was when I read, over the weekend,  how so many supporters of the POTUS was stunned when they discovered (much to their surprise) that their paychecks got smaller because their President was not kidding about raising taxes. I suppose they thought he meant on only rich people and republicans. Well, guess what! Maybe there is hope after all, anyway I believe the letter below is well worth reading and sharing.

I had more faith in the American people than I should have. I always believed no matter what we were told, we would feel that something was wrong and we would correct it. We did in 2010 and in the Wisconsin recall. But, apparently we reached the tipping point yesterday. We now have more takers than makers.  More uninterested, more uninvolved, more ignorant, more clueless citizens than I thought.

English: Barack Obama delivers a speech at the...

English: Barack Obama delivers a speech at the University of Southern California (Video of the speech) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday as a nation, we lost our moral compass. In Florida they voted out Allen West and voted in Alan Grayson. For President we had the choice between one of the most moral, ethical, men in the country, who knows how to fix the economy, and a man who admires Saul Alinsky, the Muslim Brotherhood and wants to redistribute our wealth…..and we chose the latter.

Tuesday, we sold our freedom for free birth control and an Obamaphone.

Tuesday, a little over half of the voters, (those who bothered to vote), re-elected a man who sat in the situation room and watched an attack on our Consulate in Benghazi and refused to send troops to save our Ambassador.

Please don’t insult my intelligence or yours by suggesting we don’t have the technology to watch in real time what is going on any place in the world. Have you forgotten the picture of Obama, Hillary and others in the situation room watching the Seals take down Bin Laden?

Pete Souza, Official White House Photographer

Pete Souza, Official White House Photographer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We have satellites that can read the license plate on a car, we have drones that can target one person, we have closed circuit TV, video conferencing, cell phones, satellite phones, etc.

Too many e-mails to sift through?  Are you serious?  Do you really think our Commanders in the area don’t have direct contact with the Pentagon and White House?

The lies coming from this administration about Benghazi are staggering, and our media is complicit.

Tuesday, you re-elected a man who has proceeded over the 40% decline in America’s wealth, our credit rating being down graded TWICE,  8% unemployment for 4 years, black unemployment over 16%,  gas prices over $4 (he said he was only concerned about how fast it rose, not that it rose),  added 18 million to food stamps, and still blames Bush.

People voted to re-elect a man who is shutting down 48% of our energy.  When gas is $10 a gallon and you can’t afford to heat or cool your home remember he told you what he was going to do.

He said, “My energy policy will necessarily cause prices to skyrocket”.

If you delude yourself that he is shutting down coal plants and not allowing America to drill our own oil to “save the planet”,  than explain why he gave OUR money to Mexico, Brazil & other South American countries for them to drill in the Golf and off our shores and told them we’d be their first customer?

He TOLD you he thinks we use too much energy.

This is a President who demonized success and rewards failure. He encouraged class warfare and you didn’t object. He ignored the Constitution and you didn’t object.

He asked the UN not Congress for permission to send troops to Syria.

Congress voted down the Dream Act and passed DOMA.  Obama passed the Dream Act and refuses to enforce DOMA.  He has NO authority to do that.  The Constitution does NOT give the President the authority to pass laws, (only Congress can), or ignore laws Congress passed.

So, apparently most of you don’t care about upholding the Constitution.

When a woman asked Benjamin Franklin what kind of government we were going to have he said, “A Republic, if you can keep it”……..when the takers out vote the makers, we can’t keep it.

You re-elected a man who met with Catholic Cardinals to gain their support for passing ObamaCare and promised them the Church would get a religious exemption but after they helped him pass it, he told them religious exemption was off the table.

He lied to the Catholic Church to get what he wanted. This is an assault on the first amendment and what this country was founded on.

That’s the kind of man you re-elected.  Valerie Jarrett, Obama’s right hand, said last week that after the election it would be “pay back time” and they won’t forget their enemies.

I expect this administration to do everything they can do to silence the Conservative voice on radio and television.

God, help us.

This morning a woman who emigrated from Russia 18 years ago called Glenn Beck and said she came here for freedom and was now afraid. She said she recognizes Communists when she sees them and this administration is full of them.

For those of you who question that, “Progressive” is another word for “Communist”. Hillary Clinton proudly admits to being a “Progressive” and there are 78 “Progressives” in the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

You re-elected a man who was endorsed by the Communist party.

Obama will be appointing at least two Supreme Court Judges. We can kiss the first and second Amendments goodbye.

The consequences of this election are going to be far reaching, fundamentally transforming and probably irreversible. We will be living through the decline of America. The economy will NOT get better.

More businesses will close or move out of the country.  ObamaCare now has no chance of being repealed. It is already causing many businesses to make all their employees part time to avoid providing insurance.

Sadly, when it is fully implemented you will regret it but it will be too late. There will be long waits to see doctors and rationed care.  Seniors who voted for Obama were sadly misinformed. Seniors will be the ones most adversely affected by ObamaCare.

Obama said Republicans wanted to take away your Medicare (not true) and you believed it, but it was Obama who cut $716 billion out of Medicare and it happens now. The government will now have access to ALL your medical AND financial records.  I can’t see how they could use that information against you, do you?
Obama and the UN have been waiting for this day. There are numerous UN Treaties that have been rejected in the past but will be brought back now.

Law of the Sea, Rights of the Child, Small Arms Treaty and good old Agenda 21. All of them relinquish our sovereignty to the UN.  Before yesterday I would have been confident we could stop them, now I doubt we can.

I couldn’t sleep last night. I have prayed so hard and worked so hard the last four years. This country was founded on religious freedom and values. Our Bill of Rights guarantees our rights come from God, not man.

I asked God, why?

I believe he is on the side of the faithful.  As a country, we have turned away from God.  One of the Communist goals was to mock, marginalize and scorn religious faith.  They have done a good job.  While Obama defends Muslims religious expression, he restricts Christian expression.

Obama had to be careful in his first term not to move too fast so he could be re-elected. Much of what he did doesn’t go into effect until 2013. In his second term he will have no restrictions. I still believe God will guide the faithful.

There is a saying, “there are no atheists in fox holes”.  We will figuratively be in fox holes the next four years. Maybe that’s what the clueless need for a come to Jesus moment.

I fear for this country. Obama said he would have more flexibility this time (not according to the Constitution, but then too many of you don’t care).  I blame this on our education system and the mainstream media for the ignorance of the public.  They have protected and lied for this President.

I fear for my children’s and grandchildren’s future.  They certainly won’t have the freedom I enjoyed.  I will keep fighting to preserve our Constitution, fiscal responsibility and limited government. I still believe in self determination and personal responsibility.

John Adams said, “Liberty, once lost, can never be restored. I pray that’s not true because we lost our Liberty yesterday.

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