US Ambassador visits Canadian mosque promising US taxpayer aid

Creeping Sharia

…we didn’t ask him here to just smile at us,” Dr. Safaa Fouda

After U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three others were killed by Muslims, and days before Muslims killed four and wounded hundreds in Boston, US Ambassador David Jacobson went to Canada to, of course, visit Muslims. Presumably, Jacobson isn’t running guns to Canadian jihadists yet but he is promising your tax dollars to Muslims. Obama’s Taxation for Islamization wealth transfer plan continues. via SheikYerMami.

…the focus of the event was the open discussion. Although respectful, the questions asked by participants did challenge US domestic and foreign policies on issues such as the rights of prisoners still in Guantanamo Bay, the treatment of Muslim-Canadians at the American border, attacks on Shia Muslims in Pakistan, US drone attacks in Northern Pakistan, the role of the US government in speaking out against Islamophobia, and the recognition of the State…

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