Florida: Public school textbook devotes 72 pages on Islam for every 1 page on other religions

Creeping Sharia

via Getting a school board’s attention | Tennesseans Watching Federal & State Government.

“This special treatment of Islam consists of devoting many more pages to Islam when compared to any other religion in an approximate ration of 72 to one.” -State Representative Ritch Workman

“From what I’ve read and heard over the past few years about Islam contradicts what’s in these textbooks.” -Andy Ziegler, Brevard School Board Member

Members of a Florida ACT! for America chapter, along with members of a Florida organization called Citizens for National Security, recently got the attention of elected officials and local school board members regarding egregious pro-Islamic bias in a school textbook.

How could anyone in America justify devoting 72 pages about Islam for every one page about Christianity and Judaism in a public school textbook???

See the two minute video below.

In early 2012, ACT! for America Education released a 229 page…

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